girl wearing flower crown
girl flipping hair
Girls having garden party
Girl sitting in purple flowers
lemonade stand
guy infront of wood stack
sibilings by river
Girl in canola field
girl with flowers in her hair
girl laughing


This is a collection of portraits and moments I have taken of people.

I find the way that a camera can capture a moment so fascinating. Even more fascinating is how emotions and feelings are captured, as they are in these photos.

I enjoy photography on the side, and am available for photoshoots.


boats sitting in harbor
mountains fading into mist
venice california sign
motorcycle infront of pink house
snow coated street at christmas time
people on cliff by ocean
looking up at trees
dog infront of laundromat
motorcycle infront of neon sign
fishing boat


As cliché as it is, I love travelling, not the sit on a beach travelling, but the emmerse yourself in the culture of a place kind of travelling.

This is a collection of moments in those places, as I tried to allow my camera to catch a glimpse of the feeling that those places posessed.


flowers at dusk
palmtree leaves
whale tale
floral teacup
sun shining through leaf
sea donuts
bouquet of flowers infront of vw bus
puffin in flight
blue berries in hand
reflection of person in bubble


I love taking photos partly because it forces me to pay closer attention to what's around me, and to look at the world in a different way.

These photos are a few of details that caught my eye, and that I tried to capture as best I could.